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If you have a cell phone or tablet that is running low on power, and you are needing to re-charge it but can't find the charger, USBthere co-founder Angie Barnes has a unique device that always lets you know where that all important device is at all times. WATCH VIDEO...

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Review: Tech Geek Nelson

USBThere prevents anyone from stealing your phone charger. How do you prevent others from stealing your charger? USBthere is a realitiviy simple solution to keep your charger in the wall outlet (where it should be). READ MORE

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Review: Tech Lovin Mom

Do you have this problem at your home? Your phone is dying and you need to plug it up to charge, and when you get to the outlet, your USB phone charger is missing! Your kids (or your spouse) stole your phone charger and took it to charge their own phone. READ MORE ON...

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